Why Self-Leadership Matters

Cleelia Uudam Costa
2 min readFeb 3


Self-leadership is the most important kind of of leadership.

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Self-leadership is the first step on your journey of growing as a leader.

Self-leadership is all about leading yourself first.

Self-leadership is about knowing yourself on a deeper level.

It is about knowing your strengths and your weaknesses.

It is about knowing how to feel grounded and maintain your balance in moments of uncertainty and challenges.

It is about knowing your core values that work as a compass on your journey.

It is about understanding what empowers you and inspires you.

Only from this place of knowing yourself can you really truly understand the others.

And how you treat yourself is your base for how you treat the others.

If you value your uniqueness, you will be able to value that of the others.

If you allow yourself to make mistakes and learn with it, if you know how to forgive yourself, you will be able to do that for the others.


Absolutely all of us have the opportunity to lead in small and big ways in our life, so start with yourself! Start today!

Always be the light, and always choose love.

How can you show up for yourself today in order to become a better leader tomorrow?



Cleelia Uudam Costa

Writing to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs. Life & Business Coach. Entrepreneur. PhD. Mom of 4. Estonian in Portugal www.cleeliauudamcosta.com


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