What If You Acted Less Out of Habit & More Out of Intent?

Cleelia Uudam Costa
3 min readAug 30

“Days are long, but years are short.”

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Getting ready for September (my all time favourite month), seeing my kids just a little bit more grown up, has just (once again) made me realise how fast the time (read: life) is actually flying (read: passing by).

And.. how big is the impact of our little daily habits. While something might feel insignificant daily it does end up creating results and impact (yearly) in our life.

Ultimately our life is the result of little steps we take through our days. And this goes to the positive, but also to the negative! Wait I did mention “also the negative”, didn´t I?! Ohh it is exactly the latter one that made me critically evaluate my days in the context of my bigger picture.

I just kind of suddenly remembered all the promises I gave to myself in the beginning of the season (and ended up not following through). Be healthier, sleep more, read more, be more present, be patient… You get the point. At the same time knowing too sharply all the new tiny self-destructive habits that I have created instead.. too little sleep, too much wine, too much screen time, too many distractions..

As they say “days are long, but years are short”. It is so easy to choose the instant gratification over long-term gains. It is so easy to focus on today more than on tomorrow. And yes of course there are many slogans supporting it! Carpe diem! All you have is now!

I know that in case I want to experience changes (feel better, be present, feel inspired), I clearly have to re-organize my priorities and set again some cristal clear intentions for my coming season.. What about you?

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→ What if it was time for you too to stop and critically evaluate your own habits and their impact on your bigger picture?

→ What if it was time for you too to let go of the habits that no longer serve you?

→ What if it was time for you too to live more intentionally and introduce into your life some tiny little new habits?

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