The Pain of Forgotten Dreams

Cleelia Uudam Costa
4 min readFeb 25, 2023

The pain of forgotten dreams is no stranger to most of us.

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We all know how it feels like to hold a vision and carry in our heart some dreams for our life. We also know the silent pain of having to forget our dreams or choosing to give up pursuing them.

As the say “you can run, but you cannot hide”. Even if you build a beautiful life for yourself doing something different, you still every now and then tend to remember these forgotten dreams. These dreams that are so deeply ingrained inside you. These dreams that are part of who you are, that are part of your truest expression.

It Is Never Too Late

It is never too late to pick up an old dream. Yet doing so requires taking a decision and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. And this can be painful. Sometimes you might avoid thinking of your old dreams just to avoid the pain. You might believe it is not possible for you. You might believe there is not enough time or not enough resources available for you.

I am here to tell you to start over. I am here to tell you to rewrite your story.

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I am here to encourage you to start creating a vision, to start reframing the obstacles, to start building your trust and confidence, to start building your dream. If something is possible for somebody else, it is possible also for you. There is no such thing in life as late or behind.

Even if at some point in life it does feel as if it is a little too late for something to happen, for example for studying to become a heart surgeon or for getting trained to navigate a spaceship, it is never really too late to ask yourself “what else is possible in that dream for me?”.

Get curious about your dream and start asking questions. Why did you dream about these things in the first place? What did you want to experience and feel? Maybe you are just curious about medicine or outer space, and studying the topic more profoundly is what you actually desire. Maybe you just wanted to be famous or maybe you just wanted to help people. What is still possible today?

Your Dreams Are Your Compass

I believe that our dreams are the compass inside us. Our dreams are an innate part of us. We know their existence without having to think about them. They whisper to us without words.

Our dreams, like everything else in this life, are also in constant change and evolution. The more we live and experience and know, the more nuanced our deepest desires become. Starting to pursue a path can take us in a totally different place from what we initially imagined. And this is simply wonderful. It is wonderful to be evolving and growing.

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What is not wonderful is to bury your deepest desires under pile of excuses and your daily busyness. What is not wonderful is not giving yourself a chance to explore further your authentic calling. So what is it gonna be, are you in charge of writing your LIFE STORY or do you let others to determine the course of your life, your path?

When You Let Go to Fit In

When growing up, life gets busy. You tend to do what you have to do. You go to school, you find a good job, in most cases, you start a family. You try to live in accordance with the expectations of your parents and your family, your teachers and mentors, your peers and superiors. You try to fit into the society and into your surroundings nicely and smoothly. You do not want to upset anybody. You try not to challenge too much the expectations of others.

When you were a kid, everything seemed possible.
You believed.
You imagined.
You dreamed.

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You try to do everything a good human being is supposed to do. And that is great! It is wonderful if you are fulfilled and happy on you path. I celebrate with you. But that might not always be the case.

Sometimes we LET GO OF WHO WE REALLY ARE in order to fit it.

Sometimes we give up on our dreams in order to accommodate the needs and expectations of others around.

Sometimes we give up on our authentic self and deepest desires simply because we are afraid. WE ARE AFRAID OF CHANGE. AFRAID OF DISCOMFORT.

I am here to tell you, it is never too late to re-discover who you truly are.


What is that one deeper desire you are yet to explore?

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